Our ambition is clear: roll up our sleeves with you and set business goals that yield a positive return on your investment.

Strategic Planning Consulting

Strategic planning gives an opportunity to be creative, to explore solutions that were overlooked or even change your outlook. Participation is key to the development of a sound strategic plan.

Undertaking a strategic planning process requires time and expertise where professional support will foster success.

The Mandate

The purpose of a strategic planning process is to determine the overall objectives and develop a plan to achieve them. Basically, the process aims at answering three great questions through consensus:

  • What is your business situation now?
  • Where do you want to take it?
  • What do you need to do to achieve this?
Approach & Methodology

The strategic planning process we propose is three fold:

1. Preparation

  • Understand the vision, challenges and objectives
  • Validate data collection requirements
  • Prepare the participants to the process
  • Design the agenda and facilitation

2. Thinking and Planning Sessions 

  • Facilitate the sessions
  • Use of pro-formas, tools and exercises according to identified needs
  • Foster consensus and engagement to a SMART action plan
  • Plan communication and deployment of the strategy

3. Individual and Group Support when Executing the Plan

According to your needs, we provide support in the execution of the strategic plan.

Get a Global Perspective on Your Issues & Priorities
Create a Sense of Ownership

When the people that will implement it take part in the development of the strategy, chances for success increase significantly as they gain a strong sense of ownership.

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Operational Excellence Consulting

Business issues don’t exist in silos. That’s why we conduct an in-depth diagnostic of your business processes before submitting a detailed proposal with a timeline and forecasted ROI to improve performance.

Our approach? Integrate management system enhancements and Lean culture development.

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A 3 Steps Process

1. Analyze: We guide your teams through extensive analysis activities in the workplace to highlight the cause and effect relationship between actual levels of performance, current management practices and their operational, organizational and financial impacts. In the diagnostic result workshop, we will:

  • Provide your leadership team with objective measures, analysis and cause and effect relationships on your most critical organizational issues—the ones directly related to your strategy and goals;
  • Facilitate a discussion to rally your leadership team behind a cohesive sequence of organizational priorities and actions;
  • Propose a detailed, customized approach specifically designed to mobilize your people and equip them with the tools and techniques they need to make the necessary improvements.

2. Improve: Whether it’s in management, operations, sales, services, or all of the above, our approach will transform your managers into inspiring leader-coaches capable of engaging and mobilizing your people to eliminate waste, reduce cost, innovate, and improve performance. The implementation provides the following benefits:

  • Accelerated execution of your strategy;
  • Better utilization of your assets;
  • A more proactive management team;
  • Committed and performing teams;
  • On-site transfer of skills where your people can learn while dealing with the real issues;
  • Complete autonomy over the implemented tools and techniques.

3. Sustain: Once your culture and leadership have evolved and process improvements have taken effect, your productivity, quality and delivery will attain or surpass the objectives we had agreed to. Organizations retain those services for the following:

  • Continuous training and coaching;
  • Timely audits on all dimensions of our methodology;
  • Outsourcing of diagnostic activities such as best practice or employee surveys.

Leadership Development Consulting

Mobilis Performa offers internationally recognized training programs, such as the Coaching Clinic from Corporate Coach U, and other programs focusing on leadership development, supervision and operational efficiency.

Improve Processes & Systems

  • Principles of continuous improvement
  • Organizational diagnostic
  • Process analysis
  • Management, quality and communication systems
  • Key performance indicators and balanced scorecards

Develop Leadership & Supervision

  • Leadership development
  • Leadership coaching certification
  • Active supervision
  • Change management
  • Performance management

Build High-Performance Teams

  • Team development
  • Team problem solving
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict management
Empower Your People To Make A Difference
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To learn more about how we can help you and your organization, give us a call: 1 514 791-9713.